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Inspired Moments:


The fifth and sixth graders who will be competing in the Religion Decathlon had their first meeting last week. This team has big shoes to fill as our teams won first and second place in this competition over the last two years. Mrs. McAvoy-Jensen and Mrs. Cheney were interviewed for their role in preparing our students. They will be featured in the next issue of the Catholic Herald. We are so thankful for the dedication of teachers and students.


Our Fall sports coaches dedicated their time and talent so that our children could acquire skills in their sport, learn to work with others, and gain confidence in their abilities. We thank all of you for your commitment and look forward to a wonderful season with our Winter sports coaches as they begin to work with our children. We are so blessed to have the dedication of our parent coaches.


Last Friday, the teachers spent the day with educators throughout the diocese, working to create proficiency scales for their grade or subject. As we transition to standards-referenced grading, these scales will represent the minimum standards that all students in the diocese will be expected to ascertain. I was privileged to observe the work of the science teachers and was impressed with the the level of collegiality and respect among them as they discussed and debated the necessary vocabulary and prerequisite skills needed to attain the desired levels of knowledge. I am so proud of the roles our teachers have played, and the knowledge our teachers have shared in creating these scales.


Many of our parents are active or retired members of the military. Our own Mr. Ben served as a U.S. Marine, and continues to ensure the safety and welfare of our community. We appreciate the role all of you have played in warranting our freedoms so that we can practice our faith and live in peace.

Moments of Grace:

Monday: God is faithful to a thousand generations. Try to imagine how long that is.

Tuesday: King Hezekiah served God withal his heart. What does it mean to serve God with all your heart?

Wednesday: Why are people attacked because of their faith? Pray for all who suffer for their beliefs.

Thursday: Which gift of the Holy Spirit do you need? Pray to the Holy Spirit for this gift.

Friday: What do you think “walking in the truth” means?